Two weeks ago, a delegation of the great and good from the insurance and loss adjusting fraternity were invited by the Environment Agency to a lavish bash at the House of Commons.

Over fine wines and canapés on the Terrace overlooking the Thames, Defra minister Elliot Morley unveiled the latest initiative to tackle the flood crisis.

Expecting a rabble-rousing speech from Morley, and possibly some indication on where and when the £150m tranche of government cash might be spent, the crowd was all ears.

But, sadly, the Churchillian rhetoric never came. Instead he asked the guests to watch a video of an ad the EA will use to help flood victims starring Changing Rooms' Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Handy Andy.

In the ad, the two household design gurus give tips on how to modify your home to protect it from flooding, using MDF and stylish pieces of plywood.

An EA spokesman told Backchat that the ad would be shown "during and after home improvements shows over the coming weeks".