In its latest Yuletide jaunt, on this occasion with BGL Group, Backchat was delighted to share the floor with none other than Tim Campbell, hallowed winner of the first series of The Apprentice.

Campbell was a guest of Frank PR, the agency for Bennett’s. Having survived his two-year stint working for Sir Alan Sugar, he said that the former Spurs chairman in-spired him to start up his own business – and attend insur-ance-related press parties.

He is now launching his own clothing and men’s grooming range. Reports that this will include a product to rival the legendary “Richard Ward styling putty” are unconfirmed.

Other luminaries at the party included a gatecrashing drunken trio who, having been dangled the proverbial carrot of “leave – unless you want to talk about insurance,” mysteriously opted to stick around.

Evidently, insurance has never been cooler.