MGA trade association started the election process this week

The Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA) will announce the results of its board election at its annual general meeting on 24 February.

The trade body began the election process this week and has called for nominations from members.

The MGAA’s board consists of a director to represent each of the two largest full members, six other directors elected by the full members, a director elected by the insurer members and a director elected by the supplier members.

The majority of the current MGAA board were elected for a term of two years commencing February 2012. Their term ends in February 2014.

The two largest full MGA members, OIM and UK General, are entitled to nominate a representative. These companies are currently represented by Sian Fisher and Peter Hubbard respectively.

The other current representatives of the full MGA members are Charles Earle of Arista, Nicholas Hales of R&Q and James Gerry of GB Underwriting. Keith Stern of Lloyd’s is currently the director representing the supplier members. All have indicated their willingness to stand for re-election.

Tom Downey of RSA also became the director representing the market practitioner members in February 2013 and his term will continue until February 2015.

MGAA chairman Reg Brown said: “The board would like to reiterate that the MGAA is for its members.

“These elections are paramount in determining the future shape of the board of the MGAA and the MGAA itself. The board would therefore very much like each member to ensure that even if it does not nominate a board representative, then it participates in the election process.”