Misys has denied rumours of workforce dissatisfaction over corporate strategy and the relocation of Misys Insurance Management staff from Peterborough to Worcester.

Misys General Insurance (MGI) chief executive Phillip Bell hit back at allegations received by Insurance Times that the company was haemorrhaging staff due to unpopular leadership.

He stated: "We believe categorically that we have done everything possible to encourage everyone to move to Worcester and support those who have chosen not to.

He added: "Throughout the consultation period, staff morale has been positive and we have built up an excellent rapport with employee representatives. Not one member of staff has come to us and said that it will be a bad move for the business."

The letter to the Insurance Times alleges MGI sales director James Gamble to be the latest in a long line of management to quit through dissatisfaction. An allegation denied by the company.

But the brunt of the criticism was saved for the chief executive. The letter states: "Phillip Bell may have maximised profits within Misys, but these have been as a result of cost cutting exercises, not of developing the business."

The company replied: "User numbers and systems sales continue to increase and there has been considerable investment in new products and services.

"The business is likely to continue to grow as it has done year on year with sound direction and leadership."