Backchat likes the odd ‘un and is a regular on the insurance social circuit, along with many colleagues from Insurance Times. When out, he bumps into a regular bunch of insurance socialites at a range of bashes. But one crowd in particular tends to be at every event Backchat attends – the boys and girls from Bristol legal expenses insurer DAS, led by the silver-haired and silver-tongued Ray Kneeshaw.

Backchat has always got on incredibly well with the DAS crowd, and has assumed that they were invited, and attended, on the basis of their charismatic personalities. But no! In fact, Backchat has discovered the only reason the DAS team has been at these events is because the air conditioning system in their offices was so bad they felt more comfortable almost anywhere other than at work.

Backchat fears he will see a lot less of his DAS chums now, as he received a press release from Honeywell, the company that has just upgraded the DAS heating and ventilation system. And what a new system it is.

The press release states: “The air-conditioned building employs fan coil units (FCUs) to provide heating and cooling to all floors. Variable heating pumps supply low temperature hot water (LTHW) from two De-Dietrich gas-fired boilers” and so on. Backchat doubts he'll ever see the DAS team out of their building again.