Momentum invests in new broker software

Recently launched broker network, Momentum, has joined forces with insurance software house Acturis to develop an IT package for its members

Momentum, which is headed by former Oval managing director Howard Pepper, said the investment in the Acturis platform will allow members to benefit from a number of features.

These include: document storage and retrieval, trading connectivity with insurer partners and management information.

Acturis sales and marketing director, Simon Ronaldson, said: "Momentum is a very exciting arrival in the insurance world and we are delighted to be involved in creating and developing a unique IT solution which we are sure will prove very attractive to their members."

Momentum boss Pepper said: "IT will of course play an integral part in our service to network members, and so it is very good to be partnered by Acturis in this area."

This week, Pepper told Insurance Times that Momentum has signed up its first three members.