AIG Europe (UK) chief Dan Glaser gave a rabble-rousing speech to the Insurance Institute of London last week, on how the new regime in the London market can bring operational efficiency through technology.

As ever at these functions, the 'reply of thanks' speech was given by Nick Gooding, head of cargo underwriting at XL Group, in which he praised Mr Glaser for his insightful comments.

But as Gooding is a long-standing Tractor Boy (for the uninitiated this means he supports Ipswich Town football club), he had to make mention of AIG's football allegiances.

Gooding pointed out that the mighty Manchester Utd had recently been beaten by Arsenal but hoped that one day AIG might want to get a much "bigger bang for your buck" and move its sponsorship to the "Pride of East Anglia".

Backchat applauds Gooding's tactics, but doubts whether there is a such a strong link between AIG and Manchester Utd's owners.

Could Glaser just be a misspelling of Glazier?