Motor insurer Endsleigh thought it would be low down on the list of foot-and-mouth casualties. And since it calls itself the “insurer for career people”, it is easier to imagine it serving besuited professionals commuting to work in towns rather than farmers.

However, the insurer has received its first foot-and-mouth claim, from a woman involved in a traffic accident in Cheshire.

No one was hurt in the collision, but the woman had to leave her car to be towed to a local garage.

The next day, an approved repairer was sent to recover the vehicle, but was turned away by police. The area had become quarantined because of foot-and-mouth.

After another attempt failed, Endsleigh agreed to allow the garage to give a report of the damage over the phone and settled for £8,400.

It goes to show that even a motor insurer can be affected by foot-and-mouth disease.