Pressure is growing in Westminster for the government to overturn the House of Lords’ ruling on pleural plaques.

There were also calls for insurers to contribute to a pool to compensate victims of the condition.

Thirty-five MPs are supporting a parliamentary motion calling for legislation to ensure sufferers of pleural plaques – a scarring of the lungs – receive compensation.

MP Michael Clapham, who tabled the motion, said: “Unless the decision is overturned there will be no justice in the courts. Whatever has been said, the condition has consequences and must be compensable.”

Clapham said he also wanted insurers to set up a fund for victims.

“We need to think how we can get the insurance industry to come on board with setting up a fund.

“If we could persuade it that pleural plaque is an industry-associated disease, then we would be able to use this as a basis for a scheme.”

The House of Lords ruled last week that pleural plaques were not compensable, saving the insurance industry £1.4bn in claims payments.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “The government will consider the House of Lords’ judgment very carefully before making any comment.”

It would not be the first time the government has overturned a ruling related to asbestos.

In May 2006 the Lords ruled that a worker exposed to asbestos dust by several employers must seek a proportionate share of compensation from each.

After MP and trade union pressure an amendment to the Compensation Act of 2006 overturned that ruling..