Property restorers Munters expects to enjoy a quiet day on August Bank Holiday – despite being on round-the-clock call.

Its research of business activity over the last three years finds calls coming from help lines, loss adjusters and direct from insurance companies drop to one third of the norm on Bank Holidays.

“It seems if people are spending the holiday at home and their washing machine floods or their radiator leaks they are on hand to nip the damage in the bud,” said regional director Mike Burrows.

“And if they are not at home then we get the claim the next day or week when they find out about the disaster.

“I think also there are certain people who don't realise that we and the insurance help lines offer a 24-hour and wait until after the Bank Holiday before they make their call.”

Recent Munters statistics show that 31% of domestic disasters are caused by burst pipes; 16% by leaking radiators and 13% from flooding caused by washing machines.

Even this year, when the winter and spring were wetter than normal, only 20% of domestic floods were caused by storm or burst river damage.