Broker trade body British Insurance Brokers' Association (Biba) is planning to merge some of its smaller regions and change the boundaries of some of the other regions. A new City of London region will also be created.

Biba said the enlarged regions would gain a “critical mass” in terms of numbers of members, and so increase the influence and leverage of the region.

Regions will be defined by postcodes, in future, rather than county boundaries. This may also lead to some members moving from one region to another.

The proposed mergers are:

  • the south east region with the Hampshire area of the Wessex region
  • the west of England region with the Dorset and Wiltshire areas of the Wessex region
  • the Devon and Cornwall region with the west of England region
  • the Essex region with Anglia and the north London region east of the A10, including Hertford
  • the Bucks, Berks and Oxon region with the Middlesex, Anglia and north London region west of the A10, but excluding Hertford.

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