As the new recruit to the new Camberford Law Network, (Backchat, 23 October Insurance Times) I must respond to the article by Matthew Dyer (no relative of one of our directors) headed "Can networks solve your problems?"

While Dyer's comment that networks will provide many benefits for a good number of firms is indeed correct, what is not correct is his assumption that the only choice is for such firms to become an appointed representative of a network.

Many existing, and soon-to-be-launched networks (watch this space), will offer intermediaries the choice of retaining their independence and becoming fully authorised in their own right. This will give those intermediaries many additional benefits including:

  • The strength of network membership. Intermediaries will benefit from collective buying power, both from the insurance industry and peripheral services
  • u Access to wider markets. Increas-ingly we see intermediaries spending more and more time chasing insurance markets just to get a quotation. What critics of networks seem to be missing is that time spent like this is unproductive. If networks offer a comprehensive range of insurers, intermediaries will be able to spend that valuable time more productively on getting and retaining business rather than 'chasing their tails'

  • Assistance with compliance which research has shown is one of the major issues currently facing brokers.
  • If a network concept is well constructed, the benefits also accrue to insurers and suppliers.

    Lloyd Hanks
    Managing director
    Camberford Law Network

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