Camberford Law has launched a broker network - as predicted by Backchat on 25 September.

Network Extra started trading this week and is specifically aimed to encompass brokers with smaller commercial lines portfolios than rival networks.

The minimum qualifying premium income in commercial lines is £200,000.

The cost of joining Network Extra is £1,000 and a further £350 per quarter is paid in arrears, said a Network Extra spokesman. Many other networks take a slice of commission instead of a flat fee.

Among the free benefits are: compliance healthcheck and advice; commercial legal expenses; sales and marketing assistance; and net-rated professional indemnity insurance.

Wholesale broker Camberford Law acts as virtual insurer for all the brokers' commercial risks bar commercial vehicles.

There are at least ten different insurers in the company and London market signed up to the network, said a spokesman.

Managing director Lloyd Hanks said: "The beauty of Network Extra is that brokers can place all their commercial lines business through one central source.

"This is done without the hassle and time-wasting of chasing the market for competitive quotations or, as often happens, not being able to find a market at all."