Biba will launch a regulatory and employment protection policy for its members at next week's Biba conference.

The policy has been developed with legal protection insurer DAS to provide the cover when disciplinary

disputes with the GISC or the FSA prevent brokers from trading. It will provide legal advice and representation in the event of regulator-led disciplinary matters.

The cover has a three-year continuous guarantee at a fixed premium, which will bridge the transition between GISC and FSA regulation. It will be available only to Biba members.

The policy includes cover for disciplinary hearings, employment and legal defence, compensation awards and service occupancy, as well as Euro law, commercial legal advice, tax advice and access to a business assistance helpline, a counselling helpline and the DAS online business law service. It also includes an employment risk management service, which involves a company audit to highlight risk areas at the policy's commencement.