Bradstock Solutions is launching Cascade - new software that will give directors advice when controlling a crisis.

Selected staff can use a password or photographic ID to access Cascade should a disaster occur.

They can then download information outlining company procedures, or talk with colleagues online to assess the problem.

Bradstock Solutions, which is a risk management subsidiary of the Lloyd's broker Bradstock, has developed the product with software provider

It will be implemented by parent company Bradstock in about three months and will then be available to commercial corporations.

Associate director Martin Williams said it aims to be the company procedure online bible.

"If your office blows up, you can access the emergency site from a remote computer or from a coffee shop," he said.

"It will contain all your procedures, for example, it will tell you what to do if there is a terrorist attack or serious fire.

"It will also help if you are contacted by the press over a sensitive issue or if someone is kidnapped."

The software also allows members from the company's crisis management team to have discussions through the website and to exchange photographs.

Bradstock Solutions associate director John Pitt added: "If a problem occurs, someone has to make a decision, so the crisis team will usually be brought together. This allows people a more immediate access to the problem."