Groupama Insurances’ new chief executive François-Xavier Boisseau has said the insurer will continue seeking acquisitions and UK investment opportunities.

Boisseau, who was promoted following the departure of Pierre Lefèvre this week to run Groupama’s Italian subsidiary companies, said he was happy with the company’s current operating model.

Lefèvre has been with Groupama UK for five years.

Boisseau, who previously held the title of managing director, said Groupama will continue along the same growth and distribution path that saw it gain majority stakes in brokerages Lark, Bollington and Carole Nash.

He said: “If we see a good opportunity that could arise and fit our business model then we will look into it. We are still keen to invest in the UK market.”

When asked if Groupama had any acquisitions in the pipeline, Boisseau said: “We always have a few we are looking at but nothing necessarily dramatic.”

Boisseau said he anticipated an increase in companies willing to sell as a result of government’s proposed changes to capital gains tax.

He said there were no plans to begin a broker division, stating the former manage-ment of both Bollington and Lark still maintain good shareholdings.

Groupama is currently in the process of recruiting a new managing director to replace Boisseau.