Internet solutions company Netcommerce has unveiled Premium, a new online quality mark for cybertraders and a support service for online customers.

Premium supports online customers if they are unhappy about the service standards they receive. The service is underwritten at Lloyd's, so Netcommerce can pursue rogue retailers in the event of disputes.

“In terms of public perception, there is uncertainty and doubt about security and service aspects of buying online, although it is safer than buying in the high street,” said Netcommerce managing director Dermot Hill.

“I believe our service will improve consumer confidence and support the growth of ecommerce.”

Legal expenses insurance been arranged by Rattner McKenzie is underwritten by Lloyd's syndicate Goshawk.

If a retailer fails to deliver adequate service, Netcommerce will stop offering its quality mark.

Premium is free to cybertraders, but over the next two months Netcommerce will charge retailers between £30 and £2,000 a month – depending on the volumes and units of business traded.

Netcommerce already offers Promise, a product costing retailers £10 a month. This service tells customers that the person they are trading with has a secure and reliable site and service, but does not feature a complaints handling service.

Netcommerce is the company behind shopping portal shopsonthenet, and plans a £40m flotation either on Ofex or Aim in the first quarter of 2001.