New Marsh Networks partnership will make more services available to broker directors looking to retire

Marsh will aim to help brokers arrange their succession plans through a new partnership between Marsh Networks and broker succession planning company Ataraxia.

Ataraxia will offer its services in equity release, acquisition fund raising and capital release for brokers where directors are looking to retire.

Through the agreement, Ataraxia partners will also have the chance to join Marsh ProBroker, Purple Partnership of the Bluefin Network.

Marsh Networks head David Hopwood commented: “Marsh Networks is committed to seeking solutions that meet the changing needs of our member brokers. Ataraxia provides a solution to our member brokers that do not want to sell, but instead are focusing on promoting existing staff or bringing new people into the firm as part of their succession plans, and want to release some equity into the business. Together with Ataraxia, we can help brokers achieve these ambitions while maintaining their independence.”

Ataraxia director Adam Boakes added: “By working with Marsh Networks we will be able to provide even greater trading support to our broker clients. Underpinning this, brokers will also have access to the support services offered by Marsh Networks.”