The insurance broking world has a budding acting star in its midst. Ila Roskilly from City-based credit insurance broker Thompson & Partners is not only an actor, but writer for the Small Fires Theatre Company.

Roskilly and five friends from Middlesex University formed the group after leaving their studies in 2004. Together they have written a play called Press Escape to Continue, a satire of office boredom, which will be performed at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden Town.

The play was created by the cast improvising. "We don't start with a script, we just have an idea and expand on that and begin a script once we have developed it so far," says Roskilly.

The final touches of the play were being finalised 24 hours before the opening night on 10 January. "The play is about making your dreams work in the real world," adds Roskilly.

But one person hopes the play isn't a roaring success - Roskilly's boss Richard Thompson. "We don't want her to be too successful as we want her to stay with us," he says. Tickets are £6.50 and concessions are £5.50 and the play runs until 22 January.