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LFC turns to Macquarie

LFC Insurance Group has refinanced with Macquarie Bank. The Essex-based commercial broker did not disclose details of the arrangement, but said the deal would help the firm move towards its target of £50m gross written premium by 2010. Jerry Clayton, LFC’s managing director, said: “Our existing high-street bank seemed to have their own problems and didn’t have the appetite to provide any more funding for our growth. So we approached Macquarie.”

Personal injury advice

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has expanded its website to offer advice on issues such as what to do after an injury at work – who to contact, how to find rehabilitation and how to “navigate the minefield of insurance small print”. The guidance can be found at

Police seize more vehicles

Police are seizing more than 460 uninsured vehicles a day, more than a twofold increase on the number impounded in 2006. The Association of Chief Police Officers and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau said new laws introduced in 2005 had contributed to the rise.