Allianz Partners launched an automotive innovation hub in 2014 

Allianz Partners has established three new innovation hubs across travel, health and assistance.

The centres have been pioneered to “conceptualise, test and implement innovative processes, products and business models” by using experience from digital players, start-ups and industry business partners.

It follows the launch of its automotive innovation centre in 2014, which works closely with manufacturers. Recent successes include autonomous driving providers, EasyMile.

Dan Assouline, chief market and digital officer at Allianz Partners said: “Allianz Partners, thanks to its unique combination of insurance, service and technology, is further strengthening its commitment and capacity to innovate.”

New hubs

The assistance and open innovation centre will focus on solutions such as digital risks and smart home service propositions.

It will round-up expertise driving pilots and artificial intelligence (AI), chat and voice-bots and blockchain. Allianz Prime claims to be the first of its kind in the insurance space, launched as a pilot of mobile payments and loyalty solutions.

The travel innovation centre will focus on the digitalisation of the traveller’s journey, with Allianz Partners recently launching proactive travel insurance which triggers payments automatically if their trip is delayed while they are waiting to board.

The health innovation hub will build advanced health and life service propositions such as a symptom checker which guides the user through an assessment to detect potential medical conditions. Allianz Partners is now launching a global video consultation platform.

Jacob Fuest, head of innovation at Allianz Partners, said: “We are proud of our most recent product releases and will continue to focus on this path, with an even stronger setup in 2018 and beyond.”

Fuest added that clients are at the centre of all innovation and transformation.

In June this year, motor industry veteran Tim Tozer returned to Allianz partners as chief executive after 14 years to head up two of the branches from next month. 

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