’We want to dispel the common misconceptions and spread the message that insurance is an exciting and fulfilling industry,’ CII says

The Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) New Generation Programme has launched its Insurance Influencer campaign to address the industry’s talent gap, a statement released today (25 October 2023) said.

The campaign, which has been developed throughout 2023, will aim to attract talent by addressing common misconceptions around insurance and ”positively showcasing” the sector. 

It will target young people and those who may be looking for a career change.

“We are thrilled to launch the Insurance Influencer campaign and give back to the industry that has given us so much,” the CII said.

”We want to dispel the common misconceptions and spread the message that insurance is an exciting and fulfilling industry to be a part of.”

What’s included?

This came after the CII found that 60% of participants in a survey thought the insurance industry was “boring”, while only 30% said they would consider insurance as a career.

And Florence Dennis, vice president of the CII’s Leicester institute, said there was a “knowledge gap” after a focus group with graduates found that school leavers were not informed of the insurance industry as a career option.

As a result, the campaign will include a video and supporting digital flyer that have been designed to signpost the younger generation when considering a career in insurance.

The video will highlight different opportunities and avenues that exist within the sector, as well as the role of insurance in areas that the general public may not immediately consider.

Meanwhile, the flyer will provide further context and additional information regarding insurance careers.

The CII said firms including Howden, Partners&, Romero and Yutree had already taken steps to adopt its work within their recruitment and promotional activity.

Alan Vallance, chief executive of the CII, added the project “resonated” with the CII board.

“The New Generation Programme group has done an exceptional job of positively showcasing insurance careers and countering some of the negative stereotypes that could deter some individuals or societal groups from pursuing careers in our industry,” he said.