It hopes to open a new office with around 80 staff

Gallagher has announced that it will be closing its Essex-based Feering office on 30 November.

It is the result of the broker aiming to create a new larger regional office in Ipswich for its commercial and corporate teams. Gallagher has confirmed the decision could affect 20 members of staff.

But it has said it will relocate “as many as possible” of its staff to the new premises.

A spokesperson for Gallagher, said: “This move is part of our commitment to always look at how best to bring together our team capabilities and breadth of expertise for the benefit of our customers, while ensuring we optimise operational efficiency.”

The new office will open on Monday 3 December with approximately 80 staff.

Its clients will continue to be “looked after” by the same team of account executives.

It recently acquired a majority stake in Purple Bridge Group – the holding company of Vasek Insurance Services. It was the broker’s third acquisition this year.