The deal marks 57 years of continuous partnership between the two

Police insurance specialist – George Burrows, wholly owned as part of the Gallagher group has won a competitive tender for an exclusive partnership with the Metropolitan Police Federation.

It will provide a suite of personal insurance covers on a group basis to its members.

It claims to be fully tailored to recognise unique risks and scenarios faced by police officers throughout their career, the scheme covers both serving and retired officers, as well as its partners.

The deal marks 57 years of continuous partnership between the Federation and George Burrows, having supported Met Police officers in this way since 1962.

Line of duty

Rob Constable, managing director at George Burrows, said: “Every police officer faces challenging and sometimes life-threatening situations but those working across our capital city constantly face new threats in an increasingly complex, interconnected world and we are honoured to be able to offer officers and their partners the reassurance of quality insurance protection that takes account of the myriad risks they face in their line of duty.

He said that the partnership spans more than 50 years, and that George Burrows has built a very close relationship with the Metropolitan Police Federation.

“We are extremely proud to be reappointed as their insurance provider,” he added.

The insurance specialist said that it never stops looking at ways to improve and enhance its range of personal insurance covers to its members.

Bespoke scheme

Using their combined knowledge and expertise in this sector, the team at George Burrows has created a bespoke scheme which provides extensive cover recognising the often-dangerous activities members of the Met Police undertake.

Important aspects of the programme include life insurance without exclusions, personal accident, sick pay and legal expenses benefits tailored to provide cover and support that is specific to member needs.

The Metropolitan Police Federation is a professional association which represents around 30,000 officers, including constables, sergeants and inspectors.

The Met Police – UK’s largest police service – covers 620 square miles across 32 boroughs and accounts for 25% of the total police budget for England and Wales. It serves and protects more than eight million people.

Paul Deller, general secretary at the Metropolitan Police Federation, added: “We are pleased to continue to work alongside George Burrows in providing a great insurance product for our members. This was a complex process as we added additional requirements to the package this time around, but George Burrows rose to the occasion.”