Policyholders will be able to create a package of personalised insurance and have access to a range of preventative add-ons

US based insurtech Lemonade has expanded its pet insurance proposition for cats and dogs to another state, Massachusetts.

The insurtech targeted Massachusetts because the state has seen an increase in pet ownership throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as more pets being up for adoption following nearby storms.

To support this expansion, Lemonade has created a guide to help pet owners navigate the nuances of raising a dog or cat in Massachusetts - this includes, for example, listings for the best dog parks in the area, plants that are toxic for pets and local pet businesses.

Preventative options

New and existing Lemonade pet insurance policyholders can now also create a personalised insurance package, which can include a range of preventative add-ons.

The preventative package for a puppy or kitten, for example, can include spaying, neutering, vaccinations, microchipping and flea and tick treatments.

Policyholders can access the cover from the Lemonade app, which uses artificial intelligence to resolve claims quickly.

Lemonade also aims to operate a socially impactful business model, using a giveback programme to donate leftover premiums to a charity of the policyholders’ choice.

Current charity options include animal protection organisations SPCA International and the Humane Society of the United States.

Lemonade initially entered the pet health insurance market in July 2020 following its initial public offering being valued at £1.3bn. The insurtech operates in the US and Europe.