Young Canadian saves $1,000 after changing gender

A man has changed gender to female to get cheaper car insurance.

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A 24 year old Canadian man unhappy with the $4,517 quote he was given for his car insurance, asked his broker how much he would save if he was female.

The answer was $3,425 – a saving of more than $1,000.

He got a doctor to certify that he identified as a woman, obtained a new birth certificate and driving licence listing him as a woman, and reapplied for his car insurance.

But he has no plans to complete the process and go through gender reassignment surgery.

He told Canadian television: “I have taken advantage of a loophole. I’m a man, 100%. Legally, I’m a woman.”

EU rules introduced in 2012 make it illegal for insurers to use gender to determine different insurance rates for men and women.