Fiehn leaves after 10 years at Markerstudy 

Markerstudy’s group chief operating officer Dan Fiehn has been appointed chief operating officer at fintech Incited.

Fiehn has worked at Markerstudy for the past decade. In his new role, however, he will help lead Incited in its next stage of growth. His appointment is designed to further strengthen the fintech’s senior leadership team, enabling the business to benefit from Fiehn’s broad knowledge across insurance, innovation, technology and digital.

“Historically, the insurance sector has been behind the curve digitally, grappling with legacy tech and watching its financial services peers, in sectors like banking, benefit from exploiting their data,” said Fiehn.

“With its uniquely integrated data science, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) proposition transforming data into insight and action, Incited is the disruptor that is accelerating insurers’ digital journeys.

“The outcomes for the industry [from this proposition] includes insight about customers that leads to more effectively priced insurance products, identifies and reduces fraud, enhances the claims experience and minimises churn.”

Scaling the business

Fiehn is a former Incited client. During his decade at Markerstudy Insurance Group, he worked as group chief operating officer and, prior to that, chief information officer.

During this time, Fiehn was the architect of the group’s first integrated digital strategy, which aimed to underpin Markerstudy’s rapid growth. He managed the integration of over 30 acquisitions.

He is also a recognised thought leader and influencer in technology, data and insurance digitalisation.

Incited’s founder and chief executive Nick Turner said that Fiehn’s unique skill set, background and perspective make him a valuable addition to the team and helps underline the fintech’s growth strategy.

Turner said: “We supported Fiehn during his digital journey at Markerstudy, recognising his clarity, vision and relentless drive when developing and implementing strategy.

“Having worked with Fiehn for many years, we did not have to look far for an industry leader with shared values and the right mix of leadership, strategy and technology experience.”

Speaking about why he joined Incited, Fiehn said: “During my time at Markerstudy, I created an innovation hub designed to scan the horizon for emerging technologies and generate shareholder value by maximising insight from data.

”This experience was incredibly fulfilling, strengthening the team’s entrepreneurial culture and resulting in robust solutions that reshaped the group from within.

“The chief operating officer role at Incited attracted me because of its parallels and its vision for unlocking the value of data through innovation.

”Incited is a uniquely positioned business, poised to transform any sector rich in data, which is often locked in legacy systems and team silos [that are] ineffectively used. The unique combination of a cloud-based platform, skilled team and collaborative partnering approach overcomes these barriers seamlessly and has enormous growth potential. That’s very exciting.”

Turner added: “Our new chief operating officer’s arrival signals the scaling of Incited’s offering and a continued significant investment in our senior leadership team, with the skills and experience to take the company forward.”