Fraudster exaggerated the extent of her injuries following an accident

A woman who falsely claimed thousands of pounds from her insurer has been sentenced.

Marilyn Lento, 66, was hit by a car as a pedestrian and subsequently put in a claim for £12,500 for her injuries, stating her life had been ruined, according to the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department.

She told her insurer that the extent of her injuries had left her ”virtually housebound”.

Lento also s aid she had had to leave her job because of her situation.

But her insurer became suspicious after receiving conflicting information from her medical report, and referred the case to IFED.

Lento was rumbled after surveillance revealed her walking the dog, shopping at a supermarket and visiting another property without using her walking aids or showing discomfort.

When confronted by her insurer, Lento continued to insist she was housebound and failed to admit the fraud.

She was sentenced on Tuesday at Liverpool Crown Court to eight months prison, suspended for 18 months, and received a 10-day rehabilitation order and had to pay back £1,030 to her insurer, IFED said.

Commenting on the case, IFED’s detective sergeant Matt Hussey said “despite having several opportunities to come clean and clarify the true extent of her injuries, Lento persisted with her lies to try and steal thousands of pounds from her insurer”.

“Thanks to the surveillance footage, and good work from the insurance company, Lento’s deceit was exposed and she has been brought to justice for her fraudulent actions.”