It was interesting to read the read the article "Who is John Tiner?" (Top 50 UK Brokers and Intermediaries). He comments: "We are not facing the abyss here - not even close." This comment would not go down well with some of our clients at present and many others

I have heard about who cannot obtain or afford cover or have had cover severely restricted. Although it hasn't yet happened to our clients, we hear of businesses closing in view of the current insurance market situation. They are the ones who are already in the abyss.

He admits he gets "confused" when it comes to Treasury reports on general insurance. I do hope the outcome of such reports don't confuse the rest of us.

While I cannot lay all the market problems at Tiner's door, I do hope he can make all efforts to make the future of our industry more stable and not rely on his current views and predictions, which do not appear to reflect the real world.

David Williams, partner
Moscrop Robinson & Chadwick

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