I read with some interest several articles (24 June, Insurance Times) regarding surveys by Norwich Union (NU).

The first (on page 6) relates to the findings that NU's SMEs feel it is not worth the hassle making claims for less than £500 as it takes too much of their management time.

Being an NU Direct motorcycle policyholder I would like the luxury to decide not to make a claim.

Though I could go on ad infinitum about the failings of the NU claims service I have experienced, in summary they are:

  • I am always being told that I need to speak to its "third party claims team", yet every time I have tried to call them I am kept in a queue for a great length of time then cut off without speaking to anyone
  • Why does it take two weeks for a claim to pass from its new claims system to its claims advisers system?
  • Why has the third party (who are insured by NU via a broker) claim been added on to the NU claims system and why has it already entered into correspondence with its insured?
  • Why does the NU claims department seem to have such difficulty understanding that I was riding a motorcycle and not driving a car?
  • The other findings revealed in a survey from NU (page 10, "Best from the web") states that three quarters of all motorists do not fully understand the details of what their policy covers.

    In my instance, I wanted to claim for a replacement crash helmet, mine having been damaged in an accident. I was unaware that NU does not cover crash helmets and, even though the claim is likely to be a non-fault, NU will not claim for a new helmet from the third party on my behalf.

    This begs the question - why are crash helmets not covered as standard under motorcycle policies?

    This leaves me with only one option which is to pursue the third party legally for the uninsured loss. Surely as it is a legal requirement to wear a crash helmet insurers should cover them as part of the standard motorcycle policy?

    Nick Herbert

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