Norwich Union has revamped its truck policy.

The insurer has added a number of new options to its Premier Truck cover designed for goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes.

Among the new services are “pay on use” breakdown cover from RAC, glass cover from RAC Auto Windscreens and protection when buying used trucks through HPI's vehicle identity, history and mileage checks.

Mark Keavney, Norwich Union commercial motor development manager, said: “With more than 34,000 commercial breakdowns attended by RAC Commercial Assistance this year, the need for flexible breakdown cover is as essential as ever.

“Truck breakdowns are happening for a variety of reasons* and - in descending order of frequency - they include: engine faults, flat batteries, having no spare tyre following a puncture, clutch assembly, general punctures, battery faults, starter motor failure, manual gearbox problems and road traffic accidents.

“And hidden vehicle histories are also presenting a hazard for the unsuspecting truck buyer, with one in two trucks raising an issue when checked against HPI's vehicle information databases. HPI's checks show that the number of trucks with hidden horrors in their history is getting worse. These include outstanding finance, stolen vehicles and potential risks posed by written-off lorries being sold on. Nearly 40% of truck checks last year highlighted issues relating to finance alone. And though the instance of stolen trucks remains small, it is still an increasing problem.”