Norwich Union (NU) is mobilising a force of temporary underwriters and support staff for a September underwriting blitz.

Intermediary business director Ken Wallace said brokers have been asking for NU to provide more capacity.

He said that anyone with underwriting experience in head office roles was being asked to go back and start underwriting again. He added that the idea was to write more business than planned in the run up to the third quarter cut off on 29 September.

Wallace said that after the end of September NU would be looking to increase resources and take people back into head office roles.

He said that NU was not concerned that the strategic and evaluation roles carried out by head office could be affected by the blitz.

He said the expansion was expected to see upwards of 50 people become involved in underwriting and its support.

Wallace said that it would not break its underwriting strategy on commercial lines.

That meant sticking to small business accounts of premium values less than £100,000.