Reports over the weekend implied that Norwich Union (NU) was seeking showdown talks with UK Athletics over future sponsorship in light of the current furore over drug-taking. But, it seems, the reports are wrong

NU was quick to put an inquisitive Backchat in his place. "This doesn't affect our views," said a representative. Indeed, the revelations about drug-taking would promote a cleaner sport in the long term, the representative added.

Meanwhile, NU chief executive Patrick Snowball gave a speech last week to the Institute of Actuaries. At the end, he made an offer that it seems many could refuse.

"I have three job vacancies at the moment," he told the audience. "If anyone would like to leave their CVs at the back I'll be very interested. I'm serious," he said.

Backchat's source said the table was "very bare" when everyone left.