British loss adjusters have been summoned into action twice this week following the dramatic aftermath of hurricane Floyd and the Taiwan earthquake.

Crawford-THG and McLarens Toplis have sent catastrophe teams into the earthquake zone where more than 1,400 people have been killed.

But Richard Soloman for Crawford-THG in London said, most household insurance policies in Taiwan do not cover earthquake damage.

The powerful quake devastated buildings in the capital Taipei, in the middle of Tuesday night, local time, but also cut power supplies to six million people.

Forty staff from Crawford-THG have also been helping with the clear-up after hurricane Floyd struck the Bahamas last Tuesday.

Floyd's 190mph winds tore through the idyllic holiday destination for 15 hours, flattening power lines, tearing off roofs and inundating homes with 15-foot waves.

"In many cases it appears that homes have been randomly pushed together," said Jeffrey Bowman, Crawford-THG vice-president of the Americas.

On the island of San Salvador, 380 tourists had to be evacuated from a Club Med resort.

The tropical storm went on to wreak havoc along America's eastern seaboard generating an estimated several hundred million dollars of damage claims.