Teenage parties are renowned for being a bit rowdy. But one family in Suffolk came back to find £6,000 worth of damage and some unsavoury after-party gifts when their daughter had a 16th birthday party.

Her parents put in a claim for the damage, which included tearing down a banister from a wall, two conifers snapped in half, three beds destroyed and urine and faeces on the furniture.

The insurers, Fortis and Lloyds TSB Insurance, have refused to pay because they said the daughter had invited the guests and did not call the police when gatecrashers trashed the house.

A Fortis spokeswoman said that the policy excluded damage caused by people who were lawfully in the house. The daughter had offered an open invitation for people to come over so she should be held responsible.

The girl has been grounded and will have to pay back the money. Her mother, however, has written to the Financial Services Ombudsman to attempt to get the decision reversed.

If they win, Backchat thinks they should have a party to celebrate.