The scope of insurance never ceases to amaze Backchat. Just when you think it's in danger of going a little stale around the edges, and when every conceivable thing has been insured, up pops a canny insurer with a brand new policy.

Winner of this month's 'innovation in insurance award' has to go to Pavilion. Not content with offering such delights as Orchestralguard, DJguard, Tackleguard and Gizmoguard, it has come up with a new policy, Re-enactorguard.

Described as its "most interesting insurance product so far", Re-enactorguard is designed to protect those brave enough to take part in historical and costume-based displays.

It covers theft of swords, armour and weapons, as well as vehicle cover (presumably for the chariots), and the use of explosives – blimey!

Inspired insurance work, but Backchat wonders whether the limescale cleaner sounding name could do with some tweaking – how about, Helmetguard?