Imarket training demos planned to help brokers

The company behind Imarket has dismissed calls from brokers for one-to-one training on the commercial e-commerce portal.

Polaris, which has just 19 staff, has told Insurance Times that visiting brokers individually to deal with any training issues was simply not viable.

Peter Knowles, strategy and marketing director at Polaris, said: "Although the Imarket website has been designed to be as intuitive as possible, we do appreciate that, particularly for brokers who are not used to working online, it can appear confusing at first.

But he added: "While we would love to be able to visit each and every one of the 2,350 brokers currently registered to use Imarket, it simply isn't practical to pursue a one-to-one training route."

Instead, in response to broker feedback, Polaris has been working on a series of animated 'how to' training demos to explain how a typical Imarket transaction works and show how to access the various services on offer.

The demos will show the software as it is being used on screen with a voiceover explaining what is happening, the company said.

Knowles said: "The training demos will be available at www.imarketinfo. from the autumn. We are also looking into the possibility of launching them via a webcast.

"Brokers will be able to download the demos free and will also be able to print off step-by-step guides to file and keep."

Polaris hopes to sign another insurer to Imarket by the end of the year.

The new addition, which will join the likes of Norwich Union and most recently Ace European Group, will follow a further product roll-out in September.

Knowles said the focus for 2007 would be to enable brokers to transact business including mid-term adjust-ments and renewals.

Demos under development

  • How do I... register for Imarket?
  • How do I... get a comparative new business quote from several insurers at the same time, using one data capture form?
  • How do I... set up a shortcut link to the services I use most?
  • The same information will also be made available in a welcome pack for new brokers registering to use Imarket.