The horizontal twist. The body ripple. The caterpillar. Pole dancers who know the moves can now also shimmy on over and buy their own specialist insurance cover.

SLE Worldwide is aiming its professional dancers' policy at the pole dancing community and, according to managing director Roger Bickmore: "The risks are different for professional dancers and amateurs. Full-time dancers run the risk of back and shoulder injuries over time."

The cover replaces income when a dancer suffers an accident or illness and has to take time off work. It is also possible to add on public liability cover if the dancer injures someone or damages property (it's not known if this includes a stiletto-heeled kick at over-excited punters).

Although this policy is not aimed at pole dancing amateurs - said to include Kate Moss and Sadie Frost - Bickmore says all those who give it a whirl should take out personal accident cover.