Software house Policy Master has launched its information super highway solutions for both the general and life markets.

The company claims its e-commerce solutions package will greatly improve technology available to the insurance industry. To emphasise its commitment to the market the firm has formed a "virtual" consulting group comprising its most senior staff, branded Policy Master Electronic.

The company also recently struck a strategic alliance with Microsoft and is developing digital television for CGU.

It is also well advanced on a system that uses the internet to distribute products via the intermediary channel, with access to legacy databases.

It currently has two internet systems on the market: GEMINInet and PM ONline.

GEMINInet provides point-of-sale quotation and business fulfilment for commercial and personal lines EDI, while PM ONline enables customers to question and service their policies on-line through a direct link into the intermediary system.

"We believe that electronic commerce can meet the need for a new, more cost-effective and customer-focused business model," said Stephen Verrall, chief executive of Policy Master.

"While also providing a vehicle to streamline full life-cycle policy purchase and servicing.

"We can bring to the table a combination of the right technology credentials and insurance business understanding built up over 15 years.

"This means we can help make e-commerce a highly profitable channel."

Policy Master is also seeking to develop distribution channels for newer players such as banks, building societies and retail and utility brands.