In an article entitled ‘Ensuring Fair Protection’ (Features, 7 June), Simon Burgess decries the lack of training on Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) within the insurance industry.

While his article makes a number of perfectly valid points about the huge and persistent disparity in premiums charged by different providers for PPI, I think he may be stretching the point a bit where his comments on training are concerned.

There is certainly training available on PPI. My own company, for example, offers courses at both introductory and intermediate levels via our market-leading Tick e-learning system, an online assessment on PPI via CheckPOINT, and also face to face training workshops on the topic. I also know for a fact that many firms do indeed avail themselves of these facilities.

So while there is always room for improving the level of product knowledge and understanding we in the insurance industry offer our clients, I suspect the state of play as regards PPI may be slightly less dire than Mr Burgess would have us believe.

Peter Farmer


Searchlight Insurance Training