Staff at Quinn-direct's Manchester office fear they may be made redundant
following speculation that the company's claims department will be relocated to the Republic of Ireland.

Insurance Times has learned that six Manchester-based claims staff have contacted recruitment company Darwin Rhodes because of their concern that the Irish insurer may move its liability claims department to Dublin.

But Quinn-direct has strongly denied that any employees are at risk of redundancy.
Sean Quinn, the insurer's claims manager said: “In the 33 years that Quinn-direct has been operating nobody has ever been made redundant.

“It is not going to happen in the next month or in the months after that.”
Quinn said: “We have a claims team based in Manchester and in Dublin. Not only are there not going to be any redundancies, but we are actually recruiting in Manchester for underwriting positions. I have no idea where these reports are coming from.”

He added: “There are changes every day. We have over 1,500 people working for us, with new people coming in and also changes being made.”

Quinn-direct originally opened its Manchester office in 2003 to target construction business in the North West.