We have a scheme for high performance cherished cars and are club brokers for quite a few car clubs. One of those is the Audi TT Owners Club and I have just quoted a club member on his Audi TT 225bhp Roadster.

Our screen rate was with Norwich Union at £878 with a £270 excess. On our scheme, the premium dropped to £541 with a £300 excess. On phoning the client, he said Quote me Happy had offered him cover at £478 with a £120 policy excess.

There's no point in whingeing about level playing fields as it does nothing except waste hot air. I'm just wondering how NU can get away with quoting such different rates for the same risks (and don't say "well, we save the broker's commission").

On a another note, when is NU going to get its wrists slapped for the Quote me Happy ad? why don't all us brokers ring Quote me Happy and just give those same details (e.g Hatchback, 4x4 or "its green") and see what happens?

Maybe it would clog up their switchboard for a while anyway.

Phil Warman

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