Royal & SunAlliance (R&SA) has hit back at criticisms of insurers' service standards claiming that 60% of the presentations it receives from brokers have insufficient information to enable the insurer to issue a quote.

R&SA corporate business director Brendan McManus said that in many cases brokers provided little detail about the risks it was asking the insurer to cover.

"Around 60% of the presentations we get don't contain enough information to provide a quote," said McManus.

"We're often getting only basic information about risks when we need relatively comprehensive reports which go into detail about the risks that are posed."

McManus added that the situation was leading to complaints from brokers. "As a result, the brokers moan that we haven't responded in time, or that they haven't been given a competitive quote."

R&SA recently launched two new initiatives using brokers to gain new business and win back lost clients for its commercial division.

Target Trade and Win Back are schemes aimed at winning new business in the electronics, plastics and fitness sectors, as well as re-establishing business relationships with around 3,000 commercial policy holders who had migrated from R&SA to other insurers.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has exerted pressure on insurers to improve service standards following complaints from brokers and their clients.