John Redwood: "I am delighted that according to the poll the insurance industry strongly supports the Conservative party. Many in the industry feel let down by this Labour government, which taxes too much and regulates too much, making it more difficult to manage business successfully."

Eric Galbraith, chief executive of Biba: "Our members are concerned about what was omitted from the budget. Taxes on business, IPT and the enforcement of new rules for uninsured drivers are all issues that must be addressed by any incoming government"

Andrew Paddick, director general of the IIB: "The insurance industry has always been conservative with a small and a large C, so this result comes as no surprise. "In a global world, politicians have to look at GB Ltd like a board of directors. There is no real difference between the major parties on 90% of issues. I have been very disappointed with the present government's gold-plating of the EU's mediation directive."

James MacNaughton, Benfield: "Labour have been a disaster and have cost us all as taxpayers a lot of money. They are past their sell-by date. They are terribly arrogant and run by a leader completely out of touch and who cannot bear criticism and if anyone thinks he is wrong."

Mark Coffer, Marrs Insurance: "You would either have to be extremely young or extremely stupid not to see that this government has been a disaster for white collar business. "I would rather gnaw my own leg off than see the Labour party get elected again."