The article on Sectornet and CP176 (11 September, Insurance Times) highlights an aspect of regulation in which we are involved.

As you are no doubt aware, CP198 sets out the requirements for reporting electronically to the FSA, with the critical requirement being evidence.

Security and Standards has been providing legally admissible evidence of any digital transaction or communication over any digital medium for about two years now.

The originators of the patented solution, Security and Standards, has been actively involved in the government arena for some time and is now positioning its specialist software within the corporate environment.

The requirement for reputable digital evidence in the corporate arena is paramount in today's electronically driven market place and the company is now offering the insurance market a seamless way to provide the FSA with the evidence that CP198 demands.

The suite of software offered integrates with all platforms and can be used to seal any electronic medium, such as, email, MS Office documents or web-based communication, ensuring the document is original and untampered with while providing proof of who, what and when which is admissible as evidence in UK, European and US courts of law.

Peter Wood
Business development manager
Security and Standards Ltd

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