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J Sainsbury

I am delighted that Sainsbury's has won the Risk Management initiative of the year category. Our entry focused on a range of measures in the crucial supply chain side of the business, where we have sought to embark on a fundamental culture change and business improvement programme.

This has clearly aligned risk management with the overall objectives of the business, seeking to embed it as part of everyday processes rather than considering it as an additional bolt on.

All of the various measures have been very much team efforts, involving management, colleagues, unions and service partners. This cross-functional approach has been essential in helping to progressively provide a better service to our stores and ultimately our customers - again proving the worth of an integral risk management programme to business success.

We would not claim that we have a perfect system, as we see this very much as a stage in the journey, but to be recognised in this way is a huge motivational boost to our programme.

Highly commended

Allianz Cornhill

Every year, 1 million working days are lost as a result of whiplash injuries.

While the cost of treating individuals is relatively low, the sheer volume of cases involved - around 200,000 - makes a significant impact.

The Allianz Cornhill Whiplash Initiative makes a pro-active intervention to ensure that patients are treated as soon as the accident and injury are reported, rather than wait the usual six to nine months while the condition worsens. Allianz Cornhill also provides practical advice for drivers on how to avoid whiplash and the role that head restraints can play.

The claims handling procedure follows simple steps. Firstly, identify the potential claim and then, in most cases, admit liability Next, telephone the third party to broadly establish the extent/seriousness of any injury and, if necessary, send ABI's Whiplash Book. And finally, arrange early physiotherapy for those cases that warrant the treatment.

As part of Allianz Cornhill's aim to provide fair compensation, a self-certification questionnaire is, in most cases, far more helpful than the often delayed retrospective medical report. Out of 5,000 claims every year, only 750 subsequently require physiotherapy. A small number then require psychological counselling.

The Allianz Cornhill claims procedure has been tailored to be painless.

However, on the basis that prevention is better than cure, the company is working with car manufacturers and is planning a consumer campaign to raise awareness of preventative headrest positioning. Similarly, the company combines with the ABI Whiplash Focus Group in encouraging improved NHS treatment and running internal workshops with PI Handlers.


IPRS is delighted to have been commended for the Risk Management Initiative of the Year award.

IPRS provides a full service health management programme to a wide spectrum of employers in various industry sectors, which delivers proven results in managing absence and reducing the associated costs to the employer.

As one of the largest independent providers of bespoke rehabilitation solution programmes we focus on speedy intervention combined with state-of-the-art treatment to deliver results in the most cost effective manner for all stakeholders.

IPRS has unrivalled knowledge and experience of musculoskeletal disorder, industrial injury and workplace absenteeism. We are a clinically based company with over 50% of our employees being clinically qualified.

The service includes pre-employment screening, health maintenance, injury treatment and management programmes, work hardening and advice on practical preventative policies to help businesses manage their human capital risk.

Risk Analysis Services

The award to Risk Analysis Services (RAS) recognises a breakthrough in risk management support to the SME sector. In 2001, only a handful of regional brokers had any in-house risk management resource. In just two years, RAS has helped over 70 brokers to take on the role of risk management co-ordinator with the ability to take clients through a laptop study of their businesses, identifying risks and management levels in 15 key areas and setting a programme for risk management. The RAS offering includes software, training and resource material to help clients solve problems.

Joe Aspey, managing director of RAS, said: "I am delighted at our commendation at the awards, not only for us but for our broker licensees who have had the foresight to take on a new concept and move their client propositions forward. They are leading the field and will be the winners in an evolving market where clients expect more from their advisers than just insurance provision."

RAS's big breakthrough in 2003 was to release its second software tool, RAS Business Continuity Planner, so that brokers can support their clients in creating disaster and business continuity plans.

Aspey said: "Demand for business continuity plans is growing and clients need help to put their plans together. RAS brokers don't just supply information on BC planning. They can work with their clients, using our software, to construct the plan framework. Brokers who can do that in-house without reliance on third party services are definitely in the premier league."