The Retail Motor Industry (RMI) has secured a hearing at the House of Commons to air its litany of grievances for the bodyshop repair industry.

An all-party committee of Members of Parliament will meet with the trade body on December 5 to discuss anti-competitive activity in the industry.

RMI director of bodyshop services Bob Hood said repairers will be interviewed and written evidence supplied of cases where alleged abuse has occurred.

"A growing number of MPs are becoming more aware of body repair market 'suppression' and allegations of abuse by large companies over small companies," he said.

"Our meeting is an important first step in stopping the rot which is damaging the repair industry so badly."

Many in the industry claim the insurance industry has used its muscle to squeeze their contracts with repairers to unsustainable levels.

A handful of big motor insurers control much of the industry's work.

Hood warned: "MPs have told us that if insurers try to prevent a fair hearing by threatening to withdraw approvals, deliberately steering work away from bodyshops, late payments of accounts, and delaying authorisations to the appropriate Department of Trade and Industry payments."