Insurers' nerves will be jangling tomorrow as fireworks bang and zoom up and down the country on Guy Fawkes night.

Concerns are wide ranging. Zurich Insurance Company points out that Bonfire Night is when most burglars like to get out to ply their trade.

A survey by the company shows that on November 5, there are 54% more burglaries than the daily average of 2,206.

Meanwhile, HSBC Bank and the Royal Society for Prevention are publishing leaflet Barbecues, Bonfires and Bangers to "help prevent some of the 800 accidents that take place each year".

It advises us to: "Have bonfires away from wooden fences; don't pour petrol or meths on to barbecues or fires; follow the firework code".

And Lawclub Legal Protection advises the public: "Don't give sparklers to children under five; only those over 18 can buy fireworks."

Over at the DTI, consumer affairs minister Kim Howells added: "Fireworks and alcohol are an explosive combination – they just don't mix."