Royal & SunAlliance communications manager Siaron Glanrid-Jones has returned from Antarctica after being chosen over hundreds of her colleagues to take part in an environmental mission.

During her one-month expedition, Siaron helped clean up a Russian scientific base which has a legacy of over 1,000 tonnes of scrap metal and other waste.

The mission was part of an ongoing five-year environmental project sponsored by RSA. This aims to deal with some of the damage caused by global warming and pollution to the world's last great wilderness.

Siaron, who was part of a team of eight, returned home last Sunday.

She said of her Antarctic mission: "This was an experience like no other. I have had the chance to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world and at the same time do some good."

She added: "With operations in most of the world's economies, the people of RSA have the ability to have a positive impact on the world's environment – and have the commitment to do so. We aim to conduct our operations with a view towards being responsible stewards of the environment in which we live and work."

An RSA spokesman said: "Siaron is a great ambassador for Royal & SunAlliance and is ideally qualified to help educate staff worldwide on environmental issues."

He added: "As a major insurer transacting long-term business, we take our environmental policies very seriously. Understanding and protecting the environment for future generations is beneficial for our customers, investors and staff."