5GM, maker of the Mail Enterprise email security software, is in talks with Wise the insurance industry's secure trading system.

Robert Zysblat, chief executive of 5GM, said: “Wise and 5GM are in close discussions to see how we can work together.”

Zysblat said his system could enhance various security elements in Wise and the two companies were looking at ways of doing this.

Emails sent outside the Wise system are vulnerable to interception by hackers as there is no inbuilt secure internet pathway. Mail Enterprise protects all emails.

Zysblat said the government's email security was based around the 5GM system as it was the only system that conformed to its stringent standards.

Compliance with government standards will be increasingly important to insurance companies, Zysblat claimed.

He added that he had received a lot of interest in Mail Enterprise from the insurance industry since the system's launch last November.